014. Lost In Space

Prodding aliens, Picard, and don’t even mention Pitch Black.

013. You Suck But I Don’t Care

Mateo, Musical numbers for no reason, Murder, and Meteors.

012. The Book was Better

Disappointment, Dad bods, and Dannas

010. The Disney Machine

Gaston and Goofy Grumbles

009. Vladis Cat

Teen Pageants, Terry, terrifying undead, and talking and not talking.

008. Revenge of the Pornstache

Monte Cristo, Meteor Hammers, and mustaches

007. Manliness

Can you even lift bro, Cunty teachers, and Clubs that beat up Jordan Catalano

006. Movies and Music

Damn the man, don’t be a nerd, DECADES (mostly 90s)